Thursday, November 03, 2016


You’re half way through the week yet you still have a To Do List that is longer than your Outlook tasks window. How about prioritising? What are your Red Star items? A signed order form? A great client meeting resulting in more business? The finished article that got approved? Go for them first! They are the ones that make you rich and famous. Red Stars are the stuff that brings the most prominent results.

After that think about your Blue Stars. Thes are actions that are essential to the schievement of Red Star actions, such as aranging an important client meeting, producing a brochure, sharing information with your team.  They are important but they can often be delegated.

This brings me to the most annoying bit – White Stars. These are e-mails, internal meetings, admin that can take 80% of your time. Reduce them! Delegate them and concentrate ruthlessly on your Red Stars. Use the language with your team. When being disturbed, ask them: Is this a Red Star? If the answer is no, send them away to solve it by themselves. Soon you'll have fewer questions and more time, and your staff will be learning how to do more things for themselves.

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