Friday, December 02, 2011

Evolution or Revolution?

There are two types of change - either gradual evolution or radical revolution. This is true of history, the arts, business, society, economics and all forms of human endeavour. Change is either accomplished by incremental reformation or radical and dramatic measures.  The choice of which path to adopt is a question that has to be faced whenever the need for change becomes apparent. It’s a question I’m sure the Eurozone leaders are asking themselves today.

The same is true in our lives and work-life balance. You can attempt to improve things incrementally through things such as better time management, flexible working, effective delegation, reducing your workload and ensuring you have good quality relaxation and family time.  

But for these incremental changes to work there are two major conditions that must be met: First, you actually have to be able to do them, and circumstance as well as discipline, force of habit and lack of will-power can prevent you. Second, they have to be solutions to the real problem you are facing. For example, no amount of small alterations can help your work-life balance if the real problem is that you’re in the wrong job!

Work-life balance isn’t just about making more time in your life whilst handling a busy schedule. Ultimately it concerns feelings of fulfilment, usefulness and purpose. So before considering how to improve your work-life balance or reduce stress, ask yourself whether its evolution you need or revolution. Regardless of your answer, you will then need to take time out to set out a plan for the actions you will need to take to make it a reality – and what better time to do this than the forthcoming Christmas break.

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