Monday, July 05, 2010

More balances to consider

Balancing your time between work and life is an important consideration in managing stress.  But leading a fulfilled, enjoyable, purposeful life, involves the consideration of many balances. Here are a range of other balances important to life, where the question for anyone is “have I got the balance right”.  There isn’t a magic formula, but there is a balance that’s right for you

1.    Being at pressure vs. simply relaxing
2.    Being planned with a schedule vs. being unplanned and spontaneous
3.    Projecting into the future vs. living in the moment
4.    Doing what you need to do vs. what you want to do
5.    Satisfaction with what you have in your life now vs. striving to achieve more
6.    Managing and directing others vs. coaching and empowering others
7.    Taking risks vs. avoiding risks
8.    Responding to your own needs vs. addressing the needs of others
9.    Reaching for new ideas vs. fulfilling current plans.
10.  Seriousness vs. humour
11.  Rational thought vs. creativity
12.  Asserting your own interests vs. listening to others
13.  Doing what you always do vs. trying something different
14.  Saying yes to others vs. saying no

Summer holidays are a great time to reassess the balances in your life and recharge the batteries ready for the rest of the year.  More importantly, the better the job you do of maintaining your balances, the less you’ll need a holiday and the more you’ll be able to enjoy it.

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