Friday, May 07, 2010

Brilliant Bank Holidays!

Have you ever noticed how Bank Holidays are some of the best days off work you ever have?  They are not like holidays, not like work days and not like the weekend – they are unique!

The reason that they are unlike holidays is because holidays bring with them their own stresses – making sure you get to where you are going, that you have all your luggage, that you remembered the passports and, worst of all, that you don’t waste a single moment of that precious time off!

The reason they are not like weekends is because by the time the Bank Holiday arrives, you have already had the weekend.

Bank Holidays are the best days off because they are a bonus – completely free time.  Not so much that you can plan a holiday and no so little that you can’t achieve anything – just a random day off.  And that is why they are so relaxing!

In fact, the only bad thing about Bank Holidays is that you can’t choose when to have them.  Just think how brilliant it would be if you were told you could chose when to take your Bank Holidays, but why can’t you?

Next time you are planning how you are going to use your annual holiday days, why not plan in one or two “Bank Holidays” of your own?  Schedule in an odd day off, all by itself, with nothing planned for it other than to be lazy and do nothing in particular.

If people say that Bank Holidays are the best days off they ever have, why not have more of them?

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